To be a francophone means to use a common language and share certain values such as democracy, freedom, human rights, justice, solidarity, progress and cultural diversity, without pretending to hold the monopole of these. […]

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Founded in 1961, in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), the Francophone University Agency (FUA) is a multilateral institution, which supports cooperation and solidarity between francophone university institutions and encourages the development of higher education and research.

FUA is a worldwide network of 686 institutions of higher education and research, including 60 in Central and Eastern Europe

Technical University of Moldova is a member of AUF since 1997. Therefore, students and teachers from TUM beneficiate from scholarships offered by FUA.

The Francophone University Agency Objectives – a dual objective of excellence and co-development.



  • To allow students, teachers and researchers progressing in their field and have a good level of knowledge of French to find the best prospects of success thanks to the mobility and the Agency’s scientific networks;
  • To create a world French-language scientific space, able to rebalance the inequalities in development between countries.



To achieve its objectives, FUA carries out more programs,, including 3 of support with a technical nature:

  1. Institutional and scientific development of universities:
    • scientific and academic mobility
    • Student mobility
    • mobility for teachers and researchers
    • academic mobility
    • network mobility
  2. Support for networks and associative structures; FUA yearly offers scholarships for students and teachers and for research programs.