The second meeting in the TEACH-ME Project

The second TEACH-ME group meeting took place at Kingston University London, Kingston Hill Campus on 4 and 5 July 2016 as a form of a round table to share and exchange  experience.

Much of the first day of the meeting focused on presenting the findings and deliverables by each partner, specifically, on Summary of needs of target groups & stakeholders at MD partner HEIs (WP1.1), Summary of best practices in organizing CE at EU & MD PU (WP1.2), Summary of innovative pedagogical approaches (WP1.3), National seminar in MD (WP1.4) and Dissemination & exploitation plan (WP5).

Other agenda points included the Erasmus+ KUL’s experience and lessons learnt, review of the training week organized between 27.06-1.07.2016 at KUL, how to organize networks, academic implementation of the project and project management.

Discussions, recommendations, review and update of Project, overall progress on each work package, were also discussed by the Moldovan and European attendees.

In conclusion, the second project meeting held at KUL was the best opportunity to energize the group and establish a common purpose toward completing the work of the TEACH-ME Project.

See you in Balti, Republic of Moldova for the third meeting in the framework of the Erasmus+ Capacity Building Project „Creating Moldovan E-network for promoting e-teaching in the continuing professional education” at Alecu Russo Balti University.


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